Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tim Holtz February Challenge

I have finally finished my project for the Tim Holtz February Challenge. Well, actually I finished it in one day, I just couldn't find the Distress Crackle Paint anywhere locally so I had to find it online. I usually prefer to be able to pick things up. Read the label. Think about it a while. Put it back on the shelf. Look at all the colors. Pick it up again. Just get to know it before I decide to buy it and take it home. Sure I can look at all the different colors on the web page. I can even click on the different pictures and see a bigger image. Hit the back button. Put it in my shopping cart or remove it but it just isn't the same thing. It's just so 2 dimensional. I like to be able to pick it out, pay for it and bring it home and play. Not click a bunch of buttons type in payment info, shipping addresses and wait, wait, wait for the mail to run. But I finally decided to order online instead of driving 45 minutes or so and burning up gas. And it did come in the mail. And from then on out it was pretty much the same. I got to play with it and I finished my project. The fun thing is I ended up finding a new site to find the paint. It was a site specializing in ATC supplies. She's going to be getting in the new Tim Holtz ATC stamps so I'll probably be ordering from her again. Anyway, click on the title above to see my new ATC cards inspired by Tim's February Challenge and

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