Friday, April 13, 2012

I've Graduated and I can post!

Yea! My internet is finally back up and running. Now I can finally post my tags from the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 Online Card Class I took. Yes, I completed all 25 tags in time to upload them by the April 9th deadline and my modem crashes. It is a long story I won't go into but now I have a brand new modem and my high speed internet connection back! Yea!

Day 1 was Discovery and Understanding. Great information on the understanding the properties of inks and paints. The actual tag techniques started on Day 2. So here are my tags and if you want to see how it's done consider taking the "Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101". You can check it out here, and check out the other classes offered by Online Card Classes here.

Graduated - All 25 Technique Tags!
Day 2 - Distress Ink Intro
Day 3 - Archival Ink Uses
Day 4 - Re-inkers and Maintenance

Day 5 - Spray Inks and Stains

Day 6 - Distress Markers
Day 7 - Embossing Basics
Day 8 - Paint Primer

Day 9 - Perfect Pearl

Day- 10 - Dimensional Mediums

Monday, April 9, 2012

I've Graduated!

Yes! I've completed my 25 Tags for the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry online class from! It has been an amazing journey and quite a challenge for me. I have all the tags posted here but if you want to learn amazing techniques you should sign up for the class. It is probably the closest I will ever come to taking one of Tim's live classes. One thing I was not expecting was a final pdf file with 30 gorgeous cards created by some pretty amazing artists using the techniques we learned in class. Now I have more inspiration than I know what to do with.

unfortunatly, half way through writing this post, my internet went down. I have been trying to finish this post on my phone without success. I will have to add the photos tomorrow from some public wifi.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101-It's never too late.

If you want to learn more about Tim Holtz or his products and techniques there are a few things you can do. You can visit his blog, you can buy a copy of his book or take one of his classes. Now you can even sign up for his online class "Creative Chemistry 101"

I signed up and have enjoyed every minute. You can work at your own pace and you learn so much about how these amazing products work.  Great videos and print outs. I have watched all the videos and started working on the tags.

I've only completed 6 of the 25 so far but when I finish I will have a great swatch book filled with wonderful techniques. You can even print out labels to attach to the back of your tags that Tell what the technique is and how to achieve it. These are the first 3 from day 2. "Blended Spritz and Flick", "Brushless Watercolor" and "Wrinkle Free Distress". One thing I really like about this class is that whether you are a beginner to the world of distress or have been learning from Tim for a while (like me) you are going to learn something each day.

Even though the last lesson for the class was Friday and the final post with more examples was yesterday you can still sign up for the class and work at your own pace. Once you sign up you have a lifetime membership and can access the site at any time to review info or watch the videos.

You'll be seeing some more tags from between now and April 9th because that's how long I can post them to the class gallery. Fun! Fun! Fun!
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