Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spin faster!

Spin faster!
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This picture was taken in August when my daughter, Valerie took me to Disney World. What a fun time we had. She wanted to ride the teacups. I was a little uncertain about how I felt about it but as you can see I really enjoyed the teacups. You can see more of our Disney Trip by clicking on the picture, it will take you to her flicker account.
I've been very busy since I last posted in July but I think the real reason I haven't posted is I just like that sparkler picture too much. It is just fun going online and looking at me having so much fun so I decided to post a more recent picture of me having too much fun. So I'll try to keep this a little more up to date.
I usually hit my blog to see which of the blogs I follow have a new post. That's how I keep up with what's new with Tim Holtz (I'm a Big Fan!), Hero Arts and a few other people I get inspiration from. You can see them over to the right. That's my favorite feature of the blog.
Plans have been made for Thanksgiving. I'm going to my sister's house. June lives in Lithonia which is about 45 minutes away for me but not a bad drive for the Holidays compared to the fact that a lot of people have family out of town. None of my brothers or sisters live near by so I don't see them very often. I'm really looking forward to spending the afternoon with my sister and her family.

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