Friday, June 5, 2015

Eroded Metallic - Compedium of Curiosities 3 Challenge 29

On page 44 of "A Compendium of Curiosities Volume III" you will find the technique for the latest challenge from Linda Ledbetter and the Curiosity Crew.. Eroded Metallic is a gorgeous technique and the Curiosity Crew has created another amazing array of inspiring art.

The Sponsor for Challenge 29 is Inspiration Emporium,  They are generously giving away a $50 gift certificate to one lucky participant. Tim and Mario have also donated some prizes to be given to the Curiosity Crew's Choice. So 2 chances to win! Wish me Luck!!!

I decided to use this technique to alter a chipboard box I have had for quite some time. I actually finished the Eroded Metallic technique part last week. And I have been looking at it ever since. I just couldn't decide how I wanted to embellish it.

When I was a little girl, someone told me that when I saw a Cardinal it was a sign winter was here. It wasn't until recently I found out this wasn't true. I did a little research and found out they stay in the same territory all year long. When I won my Christmas Cardinal die (Thanks Linda and Crew) I knew I wanted to use them on something that wasn't obviously winter so they are the focal point and inspiration needed to finish my box.

Of course, I can't tell you how to do the Eroded Metallic technique. It is against the rules. But if you've enjoyed reading my tutorials in the past and would like to see a one on this project, just let me know. I'll make a separate tutorial page and post it in a few days. (without the Eroded Metallic technique of course).


Anita Houston said...

So very cool! LOVE the card and bird, and tag breaking through! Great technique too! Thanks for joining us!!!

Cheryl Grigsby said...

Just lovely. You were smart to let your eroded metallic box sit and wait till it spoke and told you how to embellish it. Turned out great, I'm sure you'll enjoy using it. Thanks for this and all your art on CC3C!

Jac Desordre said...

hmm ..... thought l left a message, so take two, love what you have done with the box, I do also leave things a while to see whats "next" yours turned out amazing x

Candy C said...

Hi Ruby....LOVE your eroded metallic box. It's just gorgeous and I love the fact that you let it tell you how it wanted to b e finished out. That makes perfect sense to me. :) I thin maybe the reason you thought that cardinals were a sign that winter is here on things is because we so often see them on Christmas cards...maybe? Anyway, I love cardinals. I love your box and I love the way you finished it out. Thanks for sharing with all of us at CC3C. <3 Candy

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Beautiful box Ruby, loved the details.
Thanks so much for leaving great comments on my posts at Eclectic Paperie :)

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