Monday, September 19, 2011

On the Road

I'm on a road trip with my daughter, Valerie, to help her in her quest for information about our families to aid her in her genealogy quest. She is looking for documentation to support of some her findings and searching for additional information on the Witt, Leaphart and Hyler lines We went to the Thompkins Library, home o the Old Edgefield District Genealogy Society in  Edgefield SC today and are staying overnight in Columbia and will visit the state archives tomorrow.
In the process she is teaching me about genealogy and timelines and that family names that may be uncommon where I live may be very common in areas that we are researching in. She's also teaching me how to tweet and helping me learn some of the features of my new phone. She is doing all the driving, I'm handling maps and gps systems on the phone and taking an occasional picture out the car window of the sights. We are having a grand time.
I was up last night working on some of the techniques from the class and have some more hearts finished, just did not get a chance to post. Day 3 hearts are finished but not day 5. I did have way too much fun with the rock candy crackle and distress stains and had to make a trip to show the pieces off to my friends at work. They were amazed. When I get home Wednesday night, I will probably get a chance to post some pictures.
In the mean time, I am following my online card class through my phone by tweeting. I am blogging with my daughter's netbook while in the motel with our wireless internet access. I will be able to check out tomorrow's class in the morning before we set out for the day.
 If you love rubber stamping or card making I highly recommend classes by Jennifer Mcguire at Online Card Classes. She is an amazingly talented artist. The cards and techniques are beautiful, the videos filled with techniques, tips and clear instructions. Well organized website makes it easy to post comments and has a gallery for student's projects. Great clear documents in pdf format and great prizes!
 Things have really come a long way since I was a kid and we thought it was cool to have a new coloring book and box of crayons for a road trip.

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