Monday, September 12, 2011

Waiting to Dry

Resist Techniques
Today is the first day of an online class I am signed up for called "Inspiration Showcase" by Jennifer McGuire. I have decided it is just what I needed to get me back to stamping. I am really enjoying the class. I watched the video twice this morning and printed out the pdf that has all the instructions. I also checked out the comments from the other classmates.
Then I had some errands to run, friends to meet and a movie date with my daughters. Of course I had to get a few supplies. After coming home doing some chores around the house I was able to get into the studio for some creative time. I was just getting started good when Kenny started calling me.
My show "The Closer" was coming on in 15 minutes. Summer season finale! I couldn't miss it. Once the show was over it was back to the studio.
Unfortunately I was having some problem with my acrylic paint. It was a little old and not performing as it should. I check and found another unopened bottle of white paint and while it was still a little old worked much better. I was back in business. I finally finished the inking. Now I am waiting for all the pieces to dry. I will still need to cut out the shapes but wanted to go ahead and post. I know I will be redoing the piece with the two hearts but for the most part I am happy with the results.
There is an online gallery and while the other ladies are mostly posting finished cards (which are all gorgeous by the way) I just wanted to concentrate on the techniques today. We were doing 5 different pieces that all use resist techniques, from traditional with VersaMark on glossy paper to paint and even embossing powder. The piece I had the most success with was one that used a kiss technique.
More about the class tomorrow!


Debby said...

Your samples look fabulous. I like them as squares; will you be cutting them into hearts or leaving them as is?

Dorothy said...

You were a busy girl! I love the class, too. It moves right along and seems at my level. I'm dying to get to sit down at my craft table and do some stamping--it's very inspiring for me, especially all of the fabulous color.

Ruby Craft said...

Hi Debby, Thanks for your comments. I am using the heart shapes but it was so late when I finished the pieces were still wet and I wanted to let them dry before cutting them out. I don't have a heart die this size so I am cutting them out by hand using a print out from the pdf file.
I like working on a 3X3 piece because it gives me a larger area to select from when cutting out my heart. I cut one out from the page and use it as a window to see what part of the image works best. That was especially helpful on the trapped resist piece with the double hearts.

Ruby Craft said...

Dorothy, I am really enjoying the class too. It has been too long since I have created anything and this class is just what I needed to inspire me also.

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