Wednesday, November 9, 2011

12 Tags of Christmas

If I haven't mentioned it before, Tim Holtz is my Hero! I love his style and his products are the best! He has an excellent blog and updates it frequently. I never know what I might find. He may post about a new product along with excellent projects with all the details on how he made it . He may feature one of his latest adventures, a class he's teaching or just to wish us a Happy Holiday, whatever the current one is! He is always warm and friendly. He reads all of his comments even though he can't answer them all. He loves to hear from us so to encourage us to leave a comment, from time to time, he will have an excellent give a way. Just for leaving a comment! (Some of us are very shy) I enjoy visiting his blog. It is my favorite.

Since 2007 Tim Holtz has been posting the 12 Tags of Christmas. Every morning from December 1st to December 12th I wake up earlier than I thought possible and stumble to the computer. It's just like when I was a little girl and knew that Santa had come and just had to see what he left for me! Then it was by the glow of the Christmas tree lights that I discovered amazing treasures. Now it's by the glow of the computer screen, since I usually am not awake enough to find the light switch. I ooooh and aaaaah as I look at his amazing creations, slowly scrolling through all the pictures and then go back an read the instructions to see how he does his magic.  I always have to leave a comment too!  That's because every night Tim is busy creating a tag, but Mario makes sure all the people who left a comment are added to the randomizer for a chance to win a prize. It's like making it onto the "Nice" list.
All colors are from Distress Embossing Powder - 2007

The card you see here is inspired by the tag Tim made for Day 3 of 2007 12 Tags of Christmas. He used an amazing technique with different colors of Distress Embossing Powder. You can see the original post with his tag and all the details here. I won the drawing from the names of people who made comments that day. Tim and Mario sent me the "Santa's Wish" stamp set along with a few other items. I used them and the Distress Embossing Powder technique to make my Christmas card that year. That year Tim also signed the tag he created that day and included it in my prize box. I was so excited. I still am.

I hope Tim does 12 Tags again this year. It is too much fun for me!

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