Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost Here!

Today I went to the movies with my sister June and saw Arthur Christmas. We had a grand time. Tonight I followed Mario on twitter #12Tags and Mario Rossi facebook for BTS or Behind The Scenes for Tim's 12 Tags on my android phone, while watching Zombieland with my husband then Revenge with Valerie. I even saw my son Allen for a few minutes. It's been a pretty eventful day.

I'm getting ready for Tim's 12 Tags which will premier at 12 midnight Mountain time. Mario's BTS has already shown Tim's Pine Cone die and Martha Stewart Glitter. I'll be fast asleep by the time Tim posts to his blog since I'm on the east coast. But I'll be up early in the morning to see that gorgeous tag and I think there is going to be a video. Then I'll be off to Archiver's to meet with some friends and we'll have a Tim day making tags. I'm excited to say the least.

One last thought and shout out to NaBloPoMo. This final day in November marks a milestone for me. I have posted every day this month and I have enjoyed it. It wasn't that hard. NaBloPoMo sent me a email inviting me to join them next month and post every day in December but I think I'll keep it an annual thing. But I will post more than I have been before this challenge started. I enjoy creating things and posting them. I found some challenges I really enjoy participating in. I have some followers now and even tell my friends now that I have a blog. I am starting to make new friends online. I've added some features to my blog such as labels with a word cloud and finally figured out how to get a decent shot with my camera without having to go outside. This is a good thing because with Winter coming it's going to get cold. Yes even here in Georgia it gets cold in the winter and occasionally we even have snow.

So if you're following my blog I want to say thanks. If you visit from time to time I still want to say thanks AND if you leave a comment Thank you very much!

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